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July 04, 2008


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Hahahahaha! Sock stash on top of everything else. That Kitty is a verrrrry bad woman.


Those sock monkeys are just adorable. Since you now have a sock stash are you going to make any monkeys to sell. I would really love to buy one for my little girl's 7th birthday. If you would be willing to make one for me would you let me know. I just love them, and they seemed a big hit with my daughter too when she saw them on your blog.


Cute monkeys! Call that a sock stash? Pah - mere amateur stuff! My sock stash is now completely embarrassing in its huge-ness. Pick a colour - go on, any colour, I've got a sock to match!

Don't you love how they all have different faces, even though they all start out as a boring old sock?



Definitely some monkey fun happening at your house. I'm feeling the pull to buy what is that about?


And the monkeys are a huge hit in the lululollylegs household and participate in all activities. Thanks so much Kellie for allowing us to adopt such cheeky young madams. It also seems our big girls have formed a lovely friendship! We really enjoyed having you over and look forward to much fun together in the future! xxxx

Bernadette B

Hi Kellie
I have been admiring your blog for the past month or so since I discovered it. Firstly I want to congratulate you on your beautiful quilts and your very professional looking quilting. I just love your quilt on your header and I hope that you intend to do some patterns for these lovely quilts, I could just see one living in my GD's rooms. Lastly I had a good giggle from this post and I just love all your interlopers!


A lot of monkey business going on, they look adorable though. You have inspired me to have a go at making one but now I'm not sure that I'll be able to stop at just one. Sock monkeys might take over the earth.


I don't know if it is because today is Friday, or because it's near the end of the work day for me, but I actually LOL at my desk when I read this posting. You are too cute! And I have to say so are your lovely little monkeys.

Thanks for the smiles,
Take Care,


You're so funny! All your monkeys are cute! And the sock stash...people will be offering to send you their collection of odd socks, soon. :-)


You're SO funny! (And haha, I just glanced up and saw that Jade said the same thing -- we're think-alike bloggers LOL!) You're having WAY too much fun with all those illegal house guests -- they're adorable!!!


Love all your visitors! You are so busy yet you still find time for more socks?? Great treasures, & so soft & cuddly for a child- or a softy adult needing a bit of a cuddle!

Andi Herman

Hi Kellie,

I'm planning to have a go at making some sock monkeys tonight at my Amitie class with Judy. I have printed out the tutorial you linked to earlier but I much prefer the way you do the eyes. Are these embroidered on? Or is there a simpler way?

Thanks again!

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