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July 28, 2008


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Ben's quilt fabric is delicious ... I have drooled all over my keyboard!

It looks like you give the very best parties. I'm sure they all had a fabulous time. Is your husband better yet?! x


I think he did a great job with the pics, they definately look like they had a great time. In the bags what is ' Texas'?. Good luck to Megan, I'll be keeping everything crossed for her.Love the fabrics, I don't think I'll be letting Milo be seeing all that orange though, he'll get too excited ;-)
lisa x


What an amazing party! Glad to her that Jessica had a great time. Love all the arts and crafts you did - especially like those pin wheels. Always better to have too many activities that not enough! Can't wait to see Megan's entry. Love the colours for Ben's quilt.


Hope Hubby as recovered by now - such a big job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Party looks lovely - I had the same problem finding the right art smock - I did find a pattern but can't for the life of me find it.

It is a really old one - I get so many requests to make them.

Love the colours for Ben's quilt - welcome to my world! I love picking boys colours! they look terrific - can't wait to see what you will do with them.

Good on you Megan too!


looks like all your skills have been brought together here and you are having a wonderful time


UGH. Typepad digested my first attempt to comment!
Looks like fun was had by all. Wish hubby had taken a photo of you too! Jessie has the most wonderful smile!
Looking forward to seeing more posts from you once the birthdays are all over :-). Wait until they hit their teens... My oldest turned 15 today but she didn't have time to hang out with family. She went to lunch with friends, on to have a pedicure and then to sleepover. I haven't even had to make a cake yet!!!


the party looked great fun and after checking in a few times this week realised that you were busy!!! not just taking a rest, a lie down or a mummy nap! well done to you again kellie!


Wow it looks like a great fun party. You are so incredibly generous with your parties - the children must adore you! And don't worry about lack of posts -I'm the worst of all. I still haven't even posted my monkey photos!!


That boy-fabric is just wonderful!! I loved all the photos of the little intent faces! Sounds like the kind of party I might have loved... as opposed the ones I tried to get out of attending! haha.
Can understand your business. Just take care of you & yours!


you're doing such a wonderful job with all the birthday parties! What lucky children to have a supermum like you...I think it's time I started on planning my son's 7th birthday, in December!

amy (sew~amy)

looks like the party was a blast! what fun. can't wait to see Ben's party and quilt.


Hubby did a great job on the pics! I can't imagine how much work you put in to this party. Lucky, lucky kids -- those art smocks are adorable -- I'll bet their mothers were thrilled! I love that fourth picture where the little girl is so determined working on her project. Congratulations on a great job!

Rachael Rabbit

Those art smocks are just simply gorgeous - I can't imagine how special your daughter must feel incredibly special!


Wow, you make me tired just looking at all you achieve. It takes me all my time to make one tiny thing! You are amazing! I have twins also just turned 5, so could relate to your earlier post. I barely remember the first year either. But now, they are best friends and sometimes enemies, but they are a joy! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Lesley

Claire - Matching Pegs

The party looks like it was a smashing success. My daughter Amelia is about to turn 8, and wants a sewing party I think there will be some handsewing and a some general crafts. I still have to plan the big event, I like the look of your paper spinners.

Amelia won the under 11 category of the "Homespun Young Designer of the Year" last year. We are still having so much fun with the prizes, what a haul. It is great the Homespun has encouraged young kids in this way. Seeing your creative talent, and what a creative environment you are raising your kids in, you can be sure that Megan will have a very good shot at a prize - just be prepared to become a multi sewing machine family!

You can see Amelia's winning entry here...
Good Luck, and Congratulations Megan for submitting an entry.


wow! 'lurked' a time or two but had to comment today. Fabulous work (and work'woman'ship) your colour palate is wonderful. (spot I'm English?)


Happy Birthday to your little girl. She looks like she had a great party with wonderful friends. I love the art smocks too, they look great and what a wonderful idea for a goody bag. Love those boyish fabrics too, nice and bright.


Wow! This is only one of the twin's birthdays? What a great idea to have two seperate ones. Now for the wild boys??? Can't wait to see what you come up with.


What cool colours for that quilt. Can't wait to see pictures of the finished product.

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