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July 14, 2008


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They are too good to paint in. Gorgeous, again!

It was a beautiful day wasn't it.


brilliant idea Kellie, are they just cotton? They look too pretty to get all mucked up. I've never heard of a pupil free day before! Our school breaks up at the end of this week but the support staff are on strike for 2 days so they will only actually be at school for 3 days. We,ve just booked a holiday too so I'm getting excited already :-)
lisa x


I have noticed you like doing multiples!! these look a fellow typepader do you notice how some blogspotters dont allow for typepad comments...........I signed up for a blogger name using Handmaiden just so i could leave comments......but thats causing me probs. Have u had the same problem?


goodness me! do you ever sleep?!!!! Are you selling all of those? Is it your own pattern?! They look to beautiful to get messed up? And once again, I love your applique! You should really sell those patterns! I couldn't make those up if I tried!!! Just gorgeous!!!!
PS I know my husband couldn't do girl hair if he tried... his mother couldn't either! :-)


what wonderful smocks.....I especially love the puffy sleeves!


Gorgeous art smocks - I bet kids love coming to your children's parties!!! Love the design, the colours, the applique. Are you going to scotch guard them?


Wow! You must be on something better than caffeine, me wanty so that I can do heaps of sewing, too. Honestly, they're gorgeous, Kellie! I love the appliques and I bet their friend's mums will want to keep the smock beautiful and pristine. They're too nice to use.


Such lovely smocks - what amazing parties you do! So are you all ready for the course - I will pick up the final bits and pieces at work tomorrow! I hope to one day be as good as you are!


Goodness! These are far too nice to use! I wouldn't let my kids paint in these. Fabulous!

amy (sew~amy)

Where do you get these cute ideas? I want to be in your head. I love the smocks. You are so talented.


Holy Cow Woman! Did you chain yourself to your sewing machine??? How on earth do you get so much sewing done with 4 children?

Those smocks are adorable! I would have to demand painting with invisible paint though, so as not to mess them up! I can't believe all the work you do for their parties -- I can't wait to see more as they happen!!!


Far better than their Dad's old shirts. That's what my kids had for messing about in.


ohhhh wow...gorgeous smocks.


Love those art smocks! Perfect for really getting down to business!


I left a comment but something swallowed it!
Gorgeous smocks, perfect for really getting amongst it all!!


Kellie, You cannot let paint anywhere near those smocks !! They are far too cute!


What beautiful smocks. You make everything so personal. Just gorgeous.


Love the art smocks. You have been very very busy. No we never had those days at school either. It seems every month there is a day off for some reason.

Debbie Cameron

Hi Kellie,
My friend Upstate Lisa had a link posted on her blog. Congratulations to your daughter on her unbelievable (not really, I guess for your family talent) win on having her design published!
anyway, I was reading your blog and saw the wonderful art smocks you had posted about in July. My 9 y.o. daughter needs one every year for school and I end up giving her too large t-shirts to wear over her clothing but would LOVE to make her something jazzy and special like these posted on your site. Is this a purchased pattern or something you can share?


Love those smocks!!!! Did you make up the pattern or is there one that we could get for ourselves?? Such beautiful taste in fabric colors and patterns. Love your blog.

Anne Murray

Hi Kellie
Hope this gets through to you. Megan gave me your note and little card. I've had fun reading your web page. What a busy bee you are and how unbelievably creative you are. I'll put a lot of your capabilities down to being able to having the time to do it. I'm sure I would be able to do something similar if I didn't work!!!!
Have a wonderful time in America and I look forward to all the news as you travel.
Safe travelling and happy times!
Luv Anne

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Both colors are cute but my pick is the pink one. very adorable and cute.


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