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July 01, 2008


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amy (sew~amy)

oh what a wonderful party. wish I could have been invited. Love Lu Lu she is adorable.


Oh my gosh Kellie, you are such a great party planner. The pillows are just gorgeous and you did so much for them. What a special birthday for Megan to remember. My daughter has her b/day in 12 days, can you start organising things for it too...... I will have 5 girls, 1 tent, 1 fire bucket, lots of blankets, chatting and laughing I HOPE!


That is one special party, you will be the envy of all mothers!! Definately one I would like to have been invited to when I was younger.


Looks like Megan had a fantastic party! The girls did an amazing job on their cushions - great that they could stay focussed for so long. Love the denim totes (did you use a template for their names?), the PJ's and the sock monkeys. Can't wait to see what you are planning for the next birthdays in the family!

tracey petersen

I can't believe how much work you do! The girls are an absolute picture of concentration as they create their quilts. I can see how much enjoyment they got from it.


I am incredulous! SO MUCH WORK!! These little girls will remember the party for a very long time! The cushions look amazing. And I want a monkey.


I'm thinking that maybe megan will invite me to her party next year - it sounds like so much fun are a superwoman aren't you? With a secret superhero identity and a costume (that you probably made yourself to boot).


My goodness what a lot of lovely loot they got to take home with them. And all beautifully made by you. The cushions are a great idea. I'll have to do that with my girls for their bedrooms. Looking forward to seeing you today!!


Wow! Just beautiful Kellie. I am sure those girls will remember Meg's party for the rest of their lives. Love the sock monkeys!


That sounds like a great party! Belated Birthday greetings to Megan.

Andi Herman

Hi Kellie,

I have been a quiet admirer of your blog and your beautiful work for some time now but this post inspired me to be a bit more vocal in my admiration.

I cannot believe how lucky these little girls are. What an amazing party pack to take home!!! And the pillow covers the girls put together look divine.

I hope to meet you one day. (I am also a regular at Amitie).
You are an amazing inspiration.

Andi xx

The Chocolate Cat

Oh my goodness, what a fantastic birthday party and 'goodie' bags!! I will not be letting my darling daughter read this before her birthday next week in case she gets any ideas!


Did you get any sleep at all over the past few weeks, you must have been working non stop? Next year you are going to have little girls knocking at your door begging to be let into Megans party :-). Amazing work as always and great ideas - definately a Supermum , you must have so much patience. Looking forward to seeing what you've got planned for the next party and I love Lu Lu.
Lisa x


What a wonderful party for Megan! Belated Happy Birthday to her.
It looks like those girls had lots of fun at the party, & the Jamas are wonderful!
Loved the mosaic of Megan too, such a gorgeous little girl.


what a party planner you are. Those girls are so lucky. You have set a very high standard in your household.


what fantastic ideas! sounds like a lot of fun and the girls are so lucky to be able to take home all those beautiful handmade treats!


take a bow kellie, so well done and it looked as though it was such a happy time for everyone! you are truly amazing at time management! the girls would be so happy with their cushions and pj's to take home.


OHMYGOSH Kellie! I'll bet those little girls thought it was THEIR birthday with all the gifts you gave to each of them. How fantastic, but what a lot of work for you. You're amazing! They all look so cute and their pillow tops are adorable -- what a wonderful keepsake for each of them! Can I come to your next party LOL???


Hello! I wish I had have gone to a party like this! I thought I would share something thats hopefully helpfull for the next time you make your little cute quilty-pillows like this, there is a product by Floriani called something like 'apli-wonder' (I'm not entirely sure what its called anymore, it was a month ago now that I found out about it). But its essentially applique paper that once you remove the paper back, the glus side is sticky, so it might have helped you a little with the whole auditioning the pieces, then getting it to the ironing board without them moving. I'm sorry I can't tell you where you can get this from as I saw it at a trade show for patchwork shop owners(my mum owns one - now if I just lived a little closer to her...) but you mentioned in your previous post that you bought another Floriani product so maybe they might have it.
Anyway, I thought you might like to know about this product. I as always look forward to your next post!


wow, you are such a super mum! what a fantastic party!


That is one lovely birthday party. My daughter would have loved something like that. Megan is a lucky girl. x


What a fabulous time! I know what you mean about slumber parties...create zombie parents! I'm glad those days are over for us.


Tell Megan that I am sending her my address so that I can be included in the invitees for next year's party! WOW!!!! How awesome Kellie!!! You went waaaaaaay overboard with those treats! You make the rest of us look really bad! LOL! Sounds like a great time! the girls did so well with their pillows! I hope you get some sleep before the next round of birthdays!

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