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June 10, 2008


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no complaints about the big pics have so much planned goodluck and have fun creating..........


Kellie - you are amazing! I LOVE Megans birthday quilt (that handbag fabric is gorgeous), and her friends are going to be delighted with the sweet PJ's! Getting the girls to make little pillows is such a great idea - the party is going to be such a success. Have fun...

Claire - Matching Pegs

Hi, I just discovered your blog this week.
My kids love the Minature Railway as well. Unless you travelled a great distance, you must be a fellow sewing blogger who lives out my way (North Eastern Suburbs of Melb).
My almost 8 year old wants a sewing party this year (August). Last year we had a cooking party. How many little girls are going to be sewing with you? At our party I am thinking they can do hand sewing (backstitch) in a little hoop that they can take home and finish.

tracey petersen

The quilt looks amazing. I have lots of questions about it, hop wyou don't mind. What is the overall size? Are the little swirls on the flowers done by hand or machine? What is the background fabric - is it a self-stripe?

Sorry, I'm nosy, but it is only to further my appreciation of your incredible work...


what gorgeous fabrics and what a lovely idea to make pj's and pillows! love last years costumes too, you are so talented!


What lovely photos of your little cherebs. So glad you got a fine day or at least long enough for the photo. Love the quilt and those fabrics are devine.


what a beautiful quilt! sounds like a fun party...the girls will love it and your fabrics are gorgeous!


As always your quilt is just gorgeous,I don't know where you find the time honestly, how many quilts have you got on the go now? Megan is going to have a lovely party and lucky friends to get new pj's.
Lisa x


Snap - I took my 3 boys to the Eltham railway on Sunday too! And yes, the oval was & is always the most popular thing for my middle boy - footy mad! The big one & the little one were happy to have me trot after them taking millions of photos of them on the playground! I love your sewing, I dream about doing more, maybe when the boys are bigger - till then, I have to make do with paper craft!


Wait!!! how many kids are coming to her party? and you are making them pajamas??? Can I come??? how do you have time to sleep?!
cute photo of the kids! they look almost redheaded. are they?


What a gorgeous quilt. Did I read correctly that your making 3 the same for the party guests as well as pj's and pillows? My gosh that makes me feel tired just thinking about it.


OhMyGosh -- you are a mad woman!!! What a lot of work! Love that adorable quilt and the pirate picture is just adorable. I hope you'll take pics of the PJ and pillows -- what a great and inspired Mum you are!!! And those certainly are cute little funny faces -- no wonder you're so inspired!

amy (sew~amy)

omg, you are amazing. The quilt is so beautiful. I can't beleive you are going to make PJ's for all the girls. How adorable. What a GREAT mom you are.


Your beautiful children take my breath away! Your projects are so exciting, & the children's... wonder where the talent comes from??


The whole thing is great. And the photo size.!! All the better to see them


hey... just visiting your great page... I love the fabric for what will soon be your girls' pjs... and the applique is wonderful too!! =b

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