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June 17, 2008


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Megan's quilt is looking fabulous - you do such lovely work Kellie - love the flower motifs in the machine quilting! Sounds like your trip to Sydney was a huge success - love all your goodies from the show, and the quilts look most inspiring!

tracey petersen

I love the look of the Saffron Craig fabric. I'm going to google now to see if she has a website...

Your blog ready quilt is another stunner!


Wow! Kelly, sounds and looks like you had a great time away.
I adore your new quilt and it looks "blog finished" to me.
How fun to come home to some parcels as well. All signs of a great week, I'd say.


Wow!! That quilt is beautiful Kellie - I don't understand why you are doing the machine quilting class at Amitie??? Those fabrics and books look wonderful - very 'you'!

amy (sew~amy)

Hey there, love your blog. I have been wanting that book " quilts of a different color". How is it? Thank you for the eye candy of quilts from the show.


OhMyGosh Kellie -- I can't even begin to tell you how envious I am that you and Jade got to meet each other! How exciting! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt -- the quilting is just gorgeous too -- I'm thinking we should have a tutorial about the pattern you do or something -- I just love it -- so much more clever than normal stippling. And boy -- what cute littles you have there!


Your quilt is spectacular ! This is the second place I have had a peek of the Saffron Craig fabric - it looks great as well.


Oh Meggie, Hugs!! Hope the tooth is all better!


Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Sydney. I am very envious . Your quilt is looking amazing. Such beautiful colours.


sounds like a great weekend! your fabric choices are gorgeous, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them.


Kellie, Megan's quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!! the quilting looks beautiful!!!
I also looove the quilt show! that shop has such eye candy on their blog. Are those books by Australian quilters? I have not seen them before. Did you happen to look at the Material Obsession's own new book? I am wondering what it looks like inside!
Your kiddies are always so cute in the photos!!!!

Claire - Matching Pegs

Megan's quilt is divine.
The fabrics you picked up are scrumptious, and the books look really interesting. I am intrigued by the "Quilts of a Different Colour". Is it about using unusual colour combinations?
The Quilts show looked great. My daughter won a family pass for the Melbourne Leg of the show, from Homespun last year. I'm not really sure that it is fun for the whole family though.
Looks like we are all jealous of your trip!


Ack! You managed to get gorgeous photos of those quilts. All of mine ended up blurry. You have such a great eye, Kellie. And your gorgeous quilt is as good as finished to me. Yay!

Helen Stubbings

Kellie, Megan's quilt is just gorgeous, another stunner. And you must be the worlds best mum making 10 Jack Sprat costumes for the party! look forward to seeing the pillows. Helen


Megan is a lucky girl to get such a lovely quilt, at the quilt show I think it would have been impossible to decide between th quilts - they are all stunning. Why didn't she want you to take a pic of the knickers? Hope the pj's are coming along fine.
Have a lovely weekend
Lisa x


I found your blog the other day and thought I'd added it to my bloglines and I lost you. I searched and searched (benjamins christmas quilt) was what I remembered and I finally found your blog again. I've just spent hours reading. You do wonderful work. What an inspiration! I may just try all those applique ideas that have been swirling in my head. Thanks so much. I'll be back!


I just love the quilt that you made for Megan. Is it an original design? Your work is just beautiful and inspiring!


I just love the quilt that you made for Megan. Is it an original design? Your work is just beautiful and inspiring!


Wow, those quilts are spectacular :o) I can't wait to see what you do with all of that fabric, too! Hope you're having a great weekend!


Wow - I have so much work ahead of me to make something as spectacular as the samples that you have here.. Thank you for more inspiration.. love the samples and your first quilt in this blog..



kellie! your work is just beautiful, megan's quilt is just so lovely and for such a sweet girl. you continue to amaze me how you get it all done. congratulations and special thoughts!


Thanks for taking a picture of my quilt hanging at the quilt show!
It was lovely to see it hanging up and i'm glad you liked it too.
Your quilt is lovely kellie, the flowers and colours are just beautiful. Megan is a very lucky girl.


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wow, that quilt is amazing

and the ones from Kim Mc Lean spectaclular, I just love her work, how she uses modern prints for old-fashioned designs
still hope one day I can make one and / or see her quilts for real

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