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June 27, 2008


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Happy birthday to your big girl. Love your tree, am about to look up that product you mentioned.

amy (sew~amy)

Happy Birthday to your little girl. and I love the quilt tree. I can't wait to see the whole thing. It's like a tease.


happy birthday to your lovely 9 year old! hope she has a great day and a lovely party!


Happy Birthday to Megan! The tree looks fab...can't wait to see it completed. I just received my pod posey fabric delivery in the mail today. It's even better in person!


Happy Birthday Meg! Hope you are having a brilliant day, and that the party goes well at the weekend.

Lovely appliqué going on here - as always.

Take care. x


Happy birthday Megan , hope you enjoy your party. Lovely pics Kellie. Looking forward to seeing your finished doll quilt .Oh dear there you go again - did I tell you that you are to blame for my new obsession? :-)
lisa x


Happy Birthday, Megan!

The quilt looks beautiful!!


I have been anxiously awaiting a new post... and you didn't disappoint. Megan is truly beautiful!!!! (sounds like inside too!) I am thinking she looks a lot like you, am I right? :-) I think she and Callie would have a grand old time together!
Happy birthday to her!
I love your tree quilt! Wish I was your partner :-)
And I noticed that ad somewhere too... don't remember where. What magazine?


Happy Birthday Meg!

Kellie, you would gasp if you saw what I'm working on at the moment (I gasped when I saw your quilt). We truly are Great Minds, you and I. Right down to drooling over the same Michael Miller print.


Love the photo collage and sweet tribute to Megan - she sounds like one amazing kid! Hope she has a terrific birthday and the party is heaps of fun for all. You are lucky to be on school holidays already - we have to get through another week first.

Love your latest little quilt - the colours of the leaves is so pretty. Could you let me know where you got the gorgeous linen background fabric from? I am on the look out for the perfect linen and all my local suppliers aren't getting anymore stock until summer!


happy birthday Meg and happy holidays to you Kellie!lots of pajama days in store i hope! Love the tree so much!cant wait to see it finished!


Happy Birthday Megan! Love the dolly quilt, especially the leaves!


Happy Happy Birthday Meg! Gorgeous photos and your tree quilt looks amazing Kellie. Happy Holidays to you too!

tracey petersen

A sense of the ridiculous should be a source of pride!

Happy birthday. Your girl looks so happy in every shot, like she's living a charmed life!


Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl! And she looks so much like you, Kellie. You must be proud!


Happy Birthday to your "Little" Megan. She has such a gorgeous grown up face. Hope Dad is ready for all those boyyyyyyssssss.


Yay for being 9 - wish your gorgeous girl a very Happy Birthday from us!! I'm looking forward to our girls meeting and I simply LOVE the words used in her report. Having a good sense of the ridiculous is a very, very good thing. Your doll quilt is of course WOW and I think your partner will be so completely bowled over she may do herself an injury! You are an absolute star talent my friend and such an amazing inspiration. Good luck with all the party prep and I hope you have fun and relax with those gorgeous kids during holidays.

Claire - Matching Pegs

Happy Birthday to your big girl, I hope the party went well!

The wet and gone sounds interesting - do you sew it to the front fabric and turn it through to get the turned edge?


HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY MEGAN, hope the party was heaps of fun!

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