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May 03, 2008


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Hey you, glad you had a good time. You even get a mention on MO blog. Just looking at some of these quilts scares me but gives me something to aspire to at the same time, as the detail, patterns and colours are just so so amazing. I just love the look of concentration on the girls faces, I think I've said it before but you must be so proud of them.
Have a lovely weekend
Lisa x


Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and oh my, you can draw as well. Is there anything you can't do?


Sounds like your trip to Sydney was wonderful and productive! Your Tree of Life Quilt is certainly shaping up well. Love your "Spring in May" wall quilt is beautiful - love the colours and cute applique. You really should publish your patterns! Lovely to see your girls enjoying your love of craft. Can't wait to see their finished products.


everything you make is so lovely


Your work is exquisite and your sketch is just wonderful. I wish I could do that!!! I took a look at your quilts in progress.... oh my!!! I love them all. I am particularly enthralled with JoJo's circus. I may have to hunt down a copy of that magazine if there is still one out there. I also like the orange peels and.... Love 'em all. Sounds like you had a good time and your girls are so lovely!


WOW ! Do you have some extra hours in your day that we mere mortals don't know about?
Your tree of life is going to be amazing.

tracey petersen

Springtime in May is just lucious, as is your tree sketch. My offer to help out with the pattern writing still stands.

I love the internet! Let's me see amazing things.


Did I read 'Patterns'!!! That is soo exciting, can't wait.


WOW it is amazing.......just lost my last comment......

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing the Dolls Quilt you made for Jodie on the weekend. It is just gorgeous. I'm sure she kept checking that it was still in her bag before she went home.
There would have been many of us that would have "borrowed/pinched" it from her.


Love your blog - beautiful pictures. Was wondering what the fabric is that you sent Jodie (the three pieces wrapped in ribbon)? It is gorgeous!!


Oh my, Kellie! The doll quilt you sent to Jodie is just amazing. Talk about talent and inspiration.....and your girls are both following in mummy's footsteps. You must be proud!


Having been away, I have just spent ages looking at your wonderful work, & catching up on reading your delightful posts, Kellie.
That swap quilt you made is a small masterpiece! It is just beautiful.

Thankyou for your kind words of comfort.


this is my first time visit, and I have enjoyed my self in here.
Your quilts are very beautiful and colorful.
Your paper-butterfly-picture is so cute and I hope you don`t mind if I try to make one myself.
Have a nice day!!:D


Kelly, i'm speachless or is that typeless!your work is amazing those clam shells are so calming!cant wait to see the whole quilt finished what a masterpiece!


oh my!!! that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen!!! you are such a talented soul!. your partner was extremely lucky to get your quilt. i just cant say enough about it.


I found your blog through Chickenfoot. All I can say is "Wow!" You're blog is great. You have some fabulous quilts! I barely started quilting but you've given me something to aspire to. You are very talented! Amazing!


Where can I get the pattern for Sue Cody's Tree of Life? I adore it!!

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