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May 23, 2008


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Shelby is quite a character - love her glitz and bling! Despite her avoidance of housework - her ability to assist with the reading homework makes her quite endearing.

Well done on finishing the clam shells - looks like your Tree of Life is shaping up well. Have a good weekend- we are off to the Perth Craft and Quilt Show tomorrow - Woo hoo!!

tracey petersen

Nice socks that you found to use!


So cute, a sock monkey is on my list of things to do. Just how much dotty fabric have you got? She's got taste if she likes Buffy, I never missed an episode!
Lisa x


YAY! for Shelby ... she definitely looks like a cousin of my motley crew (I use the toe too ;-) ). She's great! Thanks for the link, but I don't think I'd qualify as an expert, just someone with a sock monkey 'habit' ... I can no longer pass a pair of socks in a shop without assessing their monkey potential.

Take care. x


Shelby is very cute. I think i might just have to investigate your tutorial!!!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts

Oh my gosh! Shelby is a jazzy looking monkey. Love those socks. She is a busy girl.....


Kellie, I love your choice of sock!!! and the star too! I have that tutorial in amongst the many tutorials I have saved to make some day! How do you find time to make all these things?!!!!
have a great weekend.


Just loooove Shelby.....just enough glitter to deserve the star! Must check out the tutorial....can remember these were all th go back in the 8o's with those awful "special" monkey making sox...I much prefer the models of today!!
sloppystuff lzilulu xox


Shelby's very cute indeed, but I have to agree with you, good helps hard to find.... Congrats on finishing the clam shells. Enjoy your weekend.

Carey - Blueberrylane Designs

Those clam shells are beautiful, love the fabrics.


hello kellie! i check in quite frequently to see what you are up to. you amaze me with all that you achieve, well done to you. pity that monkey does not like the more mundane things of life. my thoughts are with you often, lizzie.


Kellie, I just love your Sock Monkey- I also love Kitty's little treasures!
What a lovely set of photos with this post!

Rachael Rabbit

Shelby is quite a beauty - I love her star she wears proudly on her tum tum. She seems to be quite bossy don't you think ;-)


Shelby is lovely :o) what a helper!! Great to see a day in her life. I once made a sock monkey with my brother - he made one and I made mine, and we made them to be best friends. He was 10 at the time, and it was super sweet. I love those clamshells, too. They're so beautifully placed and everything. Take care!!


Good luck with that monkey! She looks like a real rockstar!


Great post Kellie!!!! I love the sock you chose to make up your little monkey, gorgeous!!


Cute monkey! I'd be interested in a few that DID do housework!


She is very beautiful!


lovely clamshells
i agree, start help with the icky chores or youre outta here!!
great idea about using the toe instead of the heel!!


oh my lord that is seriously the cutest sock monkey and the cutest photos I've seen of a sock monkey...I love the one sewing! seriously cute...well done...very very cute!



I would LOVE to see a tutorial of your version of this sock monkey pattern. Yours are the cutest I've ever seen! I'm not great at improvising other patterns...just too intimidating!

Love your blog =)

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