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May 10, 2008


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Love your pincushions...even the huge one...;D Maybe thats something for me...cause I always seem to loose it *LOL*
And thoose flowers you´re working on...faboulous!


Ah , Bemjamin is so sweet, that note pulls at your heart strings, the tooth fairy will have to be extra nice now!. I honestly don't know how you work so fast- all your things are just brilliant ( as usual ) loving the dotty fabric- all of it, and the cars. I recognise that monster and just love the big pincushion. Glad your tissue holders sold well. I'll shut up now - have a lovely weekend :-)
Lisa x


wow, you have been so busy....your pincushions are gorgeous and I love the monster cushion! It's so sweet when the little ones write notes, what a cutie!

tracey petersen

Happy birthday to Lisa. I'm sure that the tissue covers were a hot selling item. You did enough for the school in making those. They will have been delighted.

As always you are amazingly productive (even when avoiding deadlines)


Another busy and productive week Kellie - love that cute note from Benjamin (you'll have to keep that one!!). I love the flower appliques you are putting on your mag tote - such soft pretty colours. Those boys cushions look really effective - especially love the monster one. Have a great Mothers Day and hope Lisa's party is a huge success.


love all the sewing here..........and Happy 21st birthday to your daughter and I hope the tooth fairy has remember to come........we have had that probelm at our house also.......


I love your "too big" pincushion. I often use flower head pins and I am sick of blunting them on whatever'd underneat my standard size cushion.

Your smaller ones are great, too.

Make sure your keep your little boy's note. I came across one my now 16 year old wrote to me when he was 8, and it still brought tears to my eyes (good tears). :D

love the blog.

Carey - Blueberrylane Designs

The cushion and pincushion are gorgeous ! and Love Benjamin's letter :)


Another great post. Love the tooth fairy letter, & the quick thinking by you!!
Your sewing is always so lovely looking.


your stuff, as usual, is amazing. I love the look on Josh's face in the photo with the birthday cake. What a lovely looking family. Love Ben's letter too. My little one is just about to lose the top front tooth!!!


Ooooh I love all your work - it's so super yummy and inspiring. The tooth fairy was very late to our house once too - apparently she'd had a long night with too many teeth to pick up!! I love the note - such adorable sincerity. I have one of Chloe's as a book mark. It's more of a plan she wrote with a girlfriend last year and it makes me laugh every time I read it. Isn't Lisa absolutely gorgeous - a very Happy 21st to her!


Oh my goodness, you have been busy!!! I love all your stuff!!! How creative!!!!
I forgot to put money under Jack's pillow after he lost his first tooth and when he came out in the morning crying, my hubby quickly ran into the room and placed some money in to which we claimed that it must have fallen down under the bed (or some such). What we moms do, huh?
and happy 21st to your Lisa! she is beautiful!


oh ben is so sweet!! hope he got his trade for that tooth! your fabrics are gorgeous and i love all the things you are working on!! beautiful!!

Shelly Beckham

Tooth Fairy could have been shocked the night then, although she couldn't break someone else's heart, she visited Benjamin the night after and sprinkled him star dust, as a reward for his tooth.

Annabelle Vandorn

My best pick would be that house in the woods. I love the dim lighting drama. It feels so relaxing by just sitting under the porch or in the living room. It would be a perfect nest to recompose and enjoy peace of mind at dusk.

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