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April 03, 2008


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WOW !!!!!!!!
Lisa x

tracey petersen

I always love those students who take my designs and turn them into something uniquely theirs.

That's what it's all about...


Looking forward to meeting you Kellie....


Lucky you!!! I'm sure whatever you do will be stunning. Have a fantastic time!


What a fabulous present - you get to indulge your passion and have a day out without the kids! Sure beats my day hands down (I will be working). The Tree of Life Quilt looks stunning - am looking forward to seeing your interpretation of the project.


Awesome!! can't wait to see it and hear about the trip! enjoy yourself to the bones!!


Wow, am so looking forward to your creation. What a present and the colour choices are fab.It's going to be a big day but definately worth it, have fun...


thanks Kellie, for ruining my day! No, seriously, have a wonderful time in Sydney. I wish I could come with you (even just for the trip. The fabrics that you have chosen are just beautiful, and the quilt divine. I can't wait to see what you come up with - I know it will just stunning.

Have a great time!


That has got to be one of the most fantastic birthday presents ever! Have fun! And you'll love the shop, too. Every time I step foot in there I always seem to be haemorhaging(?) from my wallet. :-)


OMG!!! Did I read it right, or are you going to be going 3 times up to Sydney? Hopefully you won't be reading this email now, as you should be tucked up in bed, like a good girl, ready for your big day tomorrow! I am so jealous, because I love reading MO's blog and basically wish they would move down here to Melbourne, and I can't believe that I used to live kind of near them, but did nothing about it, as it was in my pre-crafty life. Sigh....enjoy every moment! ps fabrics very yummy!


Oooh you lucky girl!! What a wonderful present!!!
Good luck with it all, & most importantly- Have Fun!

Your fabrics are delish!


What a great b'day pressy!!! What a sweet and thoughtful hubby you must have...
Child free adventure, what's that???? LOL!!!
I can't wait to see what you produce.

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