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April 25, 2008


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What a week you have had! Have a wonderful weekend away with your DH. Your little Witch and Wizard look fab. The Mad Scientist party will be a great theme - I made fizzy bath bombs with Sarah and some of her friends a few years ago which was a great "experiment" for girls.

tracey petersen

I like my description on your sidebar - two teens and a qulting machine!

I love the look of the intriguing package too.

I note the gryffindor scarf, thank goodness they're not in slytherin!


Oh , when my kids were little we had huge dress up theme parties too - I miss the parties, now its just videos and pizza .


wow, that sounds like quite a week, your sewing looks great, and the wizards look very impressive. hope your night away is wonderful!


The harry potter costumes are fabulous! I'm so impressed with how much you get done, not withstanding the extra things on your plate you could do without. And your workmanship is perfect, as always!


Hope this week is a better one...I usually struggle with doing what I want and not what needs to be done! I need to restrain myself from the sewing room!


Hope you had a nice night away, looks like someone is getting a special parcel through the post- lucky thing .Love that turquoise dot fabric. They look so cute dressed up as 'W'. Pilchard is cute too :-).
Lisa x


just found your blog.........lots of beautiful things here........I will be back........


My grandson for a while wanted yellow hair. He has brown hair and he was 3 in January. We think think he wanted yellow hair because his girlfriend has yellow hair.
He now wants blue hair!


Hi Kellie, the photos of your projects are very intriguing. Hope you had a good overnight with hubby. The costumes are just darling and their smiles just darling-er (is that a word?).


Oh you poor thing... Sounds like you had such a hectic week last week... I hope it's all settled down a bit for you now... The kids look fantastic all dressed up in their costumes!!! How was the getaway with the DH over the weekend??? I'm having my first 'grown-up' child free escape since I had my bub this weekend and let me tell you now.... I CAN'T WAIT... Everything looks absolutely fabulous in the crafty pics.... I'll be watching my mailbox with anticipation.... I so hope you like your 'little' package when it arrives in your mailbox this week... :)

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