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April 15, 2008


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Lorraine Bowman

Yes, we do look for the photos, but also because we are very impressed and very proud of you.Also glad for you that you have something to give you solace.

tracey petersen

I could look at your work all day long. It is beautiful!


Love your posts and love your work.


thanks for sharing your tips on applique - I am not very good at it, but I am trying to improve.

Your work is just beautiful and I love reading your blog.


Ya know.. somedays, Typepad doesn't like me to comment!! I will try again and if I post twice... sorry!!!
I just love your colors!!! Your quilts are so cheerful!!! Is the lollipop pattern a published pattern? I love it! Your work is beautiful. I have always wondered what Vilsaflex was. WE have a variety of fusible webs here. I use Heat n' Bond Lite. Do you have something like that there? I could send you some, if you would like!
I would love to do more handwork but more often than not, I end up at the machine!!! (in my messy sewing room) :-)
I would be happy to play along with the game of 'tag'.
Love your blog!


What a fantastic post Kellie. You answered heaps of questions I had. I absolutely adore your work - such beautiful colours! Love the flickr name!!


Love the pics of your different applique techniques. Applique is a favourite of mine as well and my current project is from Piece of Cake. I usually use spray on starch and iron the edges under - haven't had much success with the needle turn method.

Thanks for the tag - Sarah and I would love to play along. We'll get to it next week when I am on HOLIDAYS!


Thanks for the tag Kellie! haha I was so excited when I got your comment, like YEAH! I'm part of the loop! Great post on appliqué, i've always shyed away from it because of my mom telling me what a pain it is whenever I look through her quilting books. But, hey, if I'm brave enough to attempt the baby booties, I had might as well give the appliqué a shot!! Cheers!


You are very gifted, both at creating wonderful quilts, & also at writing an easy enjoyable post!
I love to visit & see your beautiful gorgeousness- children & your sewing!


I've sent you an e-mail. Looking forward to seeing your secret project.
Lisa x


Wow Kellie, your work is amazing!!! I'm a bit scared about sending you my quilt now.. LOL!!! I love the little snap shots of the 'secret quilt' I can't wait to see what it is.. :)


Hi, I was just wondering, with the sketchy applique, do you find it wears ok? I am really really new to applique and know almost nothing- ooh but i have a tip for vliesofix - It stores well and keeps together for longer if you keep it rolled up in a poster tube.
Your applique is awe-inspiring.


that applique is to die for!


The pic of the quilt on the bed is one of the most beautiful quilts I have seen. The colours you use are really great.


Your quilts are to die for...I am thinking about doing my first ever quilt. Aunt Bec's 9 patch from Amitie..I love it. I know what you mean about the vliesofix. Iuse the heat and bond now instead. But it gums up the machine needle sometimes.
You are lucky to have such great fabrics closeby. Out here in the sticks its all grandma type flowers....


what beautiful, beautiful projects. I love the colours and fabrics you use, they look amazing!


What a beautiful quilt! I will come back to visit your inspiring blog.


you must hear it all the time but WOW your quilts are just amazing. i'm new here so maybe you've addressed this question but, are these your own designs? wow - great stuff.


Hello! This was so wonderful post! I love all your crafts! I haven't made a lot of applique and I was so happy to find some advice from you! I'm now full of inspirationg to make flowers!
I remember your blog name before I started mine - that name is the best - it makes you look right away!!!
Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

Australian Pillows

I really like your post. We might try to work a reference to this one into a blog post about australian pillows next week.


I love your designs. I'm working on your Lilly Pilly Tree quilt for a baby gift. So cute! Your instructions are fabulous! But I can not figure out HOW you free motion quilt so close to the edge of the leaves so well. I have the Bernina 440 and am using my clear BSR foot. It looks as though you use a heavier weight thread too. Keep designing; your work is so fun and amazing.

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