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March 14, 2008


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That quilt is just so gorgeous, the colours are just so pretty. Was the actual quilting done by machine? I could never do anything like this. Lucky girl, clever mammy.
Lisa x


I forgot to say, I hope Joshua feels better soon
Lisa x


WOW!! It's absolutely stunning and so very pretty! I love the rainbow and love a pieced back. I started a quilt for my 5yr old Lucinda yesterday - needed something to sew at the show! I'm using similar colours but doing applique dresses. She thinks it's fab!

tracey petersen

I would say that it was well worth the 79 day wait! It is just lovely - well done.


Jessica's quilt is amazing! Was it your own design? I love the pretty fabric you have chosen and it looks gorgeous on that beautiful iron bed - a little girls dream bedroom. I will have to check out the fabumotion. My attempts at machine quilting have been less than successful so I usually resort to hand quilting which takes so long.


That quilt is just beautiful! Is the Fabumotion a frame of some sort?
What a talented lady you are.
I popped over from Tracey Petersen's.


Kellie, that quilt is sensational. How beautiful. did you quilt it yourself? The colours are just beautiful. A little girls dream bedroom.

By the way, Jessie, I didn't get to hold the rabbits, maybe I could sneak in a hold today.


The quilt is simply stunning - well and truly worthy of being a blog banner too! How did you do the swirls in the lollipops? Was the quilt your own design? By the way, you big fibber, I don't see any black on this quilt.

Jennifer C

That is just breathtaking. It looks so perfect and neat - the colours are beautiful. HOw talented you are and how lucky your little girl is!


This quilt is GORGEOUS!!! It looks fantastic all made up on the bed... I love the backing fabric that you chose to use it really makes it I think!!! Now, I was wondering what your favourite colours were (so I can start to plan your quilt for the swap)...


Your quilt is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!


I've popped over from Tracey's place. What gorgeous work you do and that quilt, honestly, is to die for. It is amazing. I wish I was as talented (and as patient!!) as yourself...


Beautiful quilts and gorgeous kiddos! I was so excited to get your comment on my page this morning! I just started my blog and really have no idea how one sneaks in to this bloggy/crafty scene I've discovered. Haha sorry that everything is in Spanish on my page, Im living in Chile right now so my computer just assumes that I want everything in Spanish, I keep trying to change the language and it just changes back, damned arrogant thing! Well Cheers to you, and congrats on the incredible blankies! ..... My love-hate relationship with my first quilt should be ending soon! I can't wait!


Found your blog today thru Peppermint Patcher...I love your work!

I'll be back for sure.


The quilt is just beautiful! Bet your daughter thinks she's lucky to have a mum like you. :-)


Can't remember now how I found your blog but just wanted to say it is fabulous. Quilts are stunning!!!


the quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Wow!!!

Kathy Wetherell

I agree the quilt is darling. I haven't been interested in quilting for awhile but after see your quilt I'm thinking of trying it again. Is the pattern for sale. It's simply adorable, the colors are perfect.

Bernie Shell

I'm back - again and again. I hope you don't mind! I simply just can't stay away! :) I am in love with Jessica's quilt! Lucky girl!

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